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This is a list of community projects on the Izuna: Legnd of The Unemployed Ninja Wiki.

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How to make a new project[edit | edit source]

Create a new article in the Izuna The Unemployed Ninja Wiki namespace which has the name of your project. For instance, if you wanted to make a project to translate the wiki into Greek, you could make the article "Izuna The Unemployed Ninja Wiki:Projects/Greek translation".

The project page itself should be clear on what the project is trying to achieve. It may include things like:

  • An overview of what the project aims to do.
  • A detailed to-do list for the project.

Once the project page is ready, remember to add it to the list of current projects below.

As for categorization, add it to Category:Projects with a sort key of the project name. (for example, for a Greek translation project you would put [[Category:Projects|Greek translation]] at the bottom.

Wiki[edit | edit source]

The following pages need to be expanded upon as a priority.

Media[edit | edit source]

Add Category:Male Characters and Category:Female Characters to NPC media files.

Needed Information: Izuna 1[edit | edit source]

  • Monsters
    • Detailed monster spawn locations for each dungeon are needed.
    • Stats and weaknesses are needed.
    • Japanese names are needed.
  • NPCs
    • NPC dialogue and town location information is needed as well as roles in society/services.
  • Traps
    • Detailed trap spawn locations are needed.
  • Version Differences
    • Identical items from the English and Japanese version are needed so comparisons can be made. Claws, Arms and Blades would be ideal. With and without the same talisman(s) injected into it.
    • Title screen media is needed for all 3 versions.
    • There's 2 Japanese cart versions (original and discount) and the US and EU versions are also different. Clean versions of all 4 are needed.
    • Cover art from the discount version is needed.

Needed Information: Izuna 2[edit | edit source]

Closed projects[edit | edit source]