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Traps[edit | edit source]

Sprite Traps Description Effect
English Japanese
Izuna 1 traps - Abbacus Trap sprite.png Abbacus Trap そろばんの罠 You skate on an abacus until you hit something. Knocks Izuna into a wall and causes her to lose half her health.
Izuna 1 traps - Blind Trap sprite.png Blind Trap 暗闇の罠 Pure darkness surrounds you for a short time, preventing you from seeing your surroundings. Cannot see enemies or full rooms, although you can see where you're getting attacked from.
Izuna 1 traps - Bomb Trap sprite.png Bomb Trap 県弾の罠 Bombs will instantly surround you. Stay calm and deal with them. Bombs spawn in every open space around Izuna also they have a timer for when they go off -note- bombs will destroy any items left within one space of the blast.
Izuna 1 traps - Curse Trap sprite.png Curse Trap 呪いの罠 A powerful curse falls upon you, decreasing the amount of experience you gain until the curse wears off. Curse status doesn't wear off can only be taken off by using items or going to the next floor.
Izuna 1 traps - Demon Trap sprite.png Demon Trap 魔物の罠 Summons deadly monsters from another realm, placing you in grave peril. Summons monsters around in every open space around Izuna except for the 3 spaces behind her max of 5 enemies will spawn.
Izuna 1 traps - Excite Trap sprite.png Excite Trap 興奮の罠 Makes you excited, increasing the amount of damage you deal. This trap is very useful, this is also the only way to get the excite status. Which can be removed with status healing item.
Izuna 1 traps - Fire Trap sprite.png Fire Trap 火炎の罠 In addition to dealing damage, this trap also burns anything made out of paper... Trap hits Izuna for a couple hundred damage as well as burn a random paper item in the inventory, likeness and talismans.
Izuna 1 traps - Float Trap sprite.png Float Trap 浮遊の罠 Makes you feel like you have wings. Of course, it's just your imagination... Causes Izuna to float, making it so she can't pick up items, step on traps or access the stairs.
Izuna 1 traps - Forgetful Trap sprite.png Forgetful Trap うわのそらの罠 Causes you to lose focus, and randomly drop items. Izuna will occasionally drop items when walking.
Izuna 1 traps - Lightning Trap sprite.png Lightning Trap 電撃の罠 An electric shock will paralyze you for a short time. Shock effect will remain in place no matter if Izuna is attacked or not
Izuna 1 traps - Shoulder-Ache Trap sprite.png Shoulder-Ache Trap 四十肩の賞 Healing items cannot be used, due to shoulder pain. Izuna from being able to throw items or use healing items.
Izuna 1 traps - Smoke Trap sprite.png Smoke Trap 強制煙玉の罠 Smoke balls come out of the ground, causing a ninja to flee the dungeon out of instinct. Causes Izuna to disappear in a puff of smoke and re-appear randomly somewhere else on the floor.
Izuna 1 traps - Sweaty Trap sprite.png Sweaty Trap ムレムレの罠 The steam from this trap makes your skin sweaty and sticky, preventing you from equipping anything. Izuna will think it's gross to equip anything.
Izuna 1 traps - Tub Trap sprite.png Tub Trap タライの罠 A washtub falls from above and clocks you on the noggin, making you forget the map you've learned up to then. Izuna's head, causing her to forget the floor layout.

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