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Talismans[edit | edit source]

Izuna 1 - Talisman Icon.png
Shop In-Game Description Effect
English Japanese Cost Value
Ashikase 足枷の霊符 Use: Anchors the enemy

Stick: Attacks may anchor the enemy

Fukugen 復元の霊符 Use: Repairs a broken weapon

Stick: Fully repairs equipment when burned in

Fukusei 複製の霊符
Fuuma 封魔の霊符 Use: Seals an enemy

Stick: No effect

Throw this at an enemy to seal the enemy in the talisman (not guaranteed) then cast the talisman to summon the same monster as an floor ally.
Gouka 業火の霊符 Use: Strong fire attack
Stick: Attacks may have Fire bonus
Massive area of effect fire spell, hurts every monster in the current room
Hayate 疾風の霊符
Jinrai 迅雷の霊符 Use: Paralyzes enemies with thunder
Stick: Attacks may paralyze the enemy
Kaishin 会心の霊符 Use: Automatic one-time critical hit
Stick: Critical hit rate increases
Kikan 帰還の霊符 10,000 Use: Return to the Village with items
Stick: Send weapon to Storehouse if defeated
Unless duplicated this talisman will always be 05 to cast, also note you can teleport an enemy out of the dugeon with this (monster won't actually be at the village)
Kou'un 幸運の霊符
Mikagami 水鏡の霊符 Use: Confuse all enemies in the room
Stick: Increase Defense
Mikiri 見切の霊符 Use: Blinds the enemy
Stick: Evasion hit rate increases
Rekka 烈火の霊符 Use: Area-effect Fire attack
Stick: Increase Attack
Reppu 烈風の霊符 Use: Knocks enemies back with damage
Stick: Attacks may push the enemy away
When stuck on weapons attacks will uncover traps when attacking (if there is a trap hidden where you attacked)
Spirit 付喪の霊符
Suimun 睡眠の霊符 Use: Enemies fall asleep
Stick: Attacks may put the enemy to sleep
Suitai 劣化の霊符
Ten'i 転移の霊符 Use: Teleport somewhere on the floor
Stick: Chance of switching places with an enemy when attacking
Throw this at an enemy to teleport them to a random spot on the map
Tsukumo 付喪の霊符 Use: Move the abilities of well-loved equipment to another
Stick: Transfers the abilities of the weapon with max LUV
Yami-Uchi 闇討の霊符 Use: Sends an enemy into the void
Stick: Chance to instant kill enemy with one hit
Zoufuku 増幅の霊符 Use: Increase SP Capacity
Stick: Increase SP Capacity

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References[edit | edit source]

  • [1] English item names obtained from the GameFAQ's guide written by Matthew McIntyre. Used with permission.
  • [2]Some Japanese Talisman names taken from the official Izuna 1 website. (Japanese)
  • [3] Japanese Talisman names taken from the Japanese Izuna 1 wiki.