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Status Conditions[edit | edit source]

Preview Condition Description
English Japanese
Anchored I can't move but I can use items. Heals over time or by using an item.
Awakened Increases my accuracy and evasion rate. Until the next floor, that is.
Blind I can't see anything around me. Use an item or wait for it to heal.
Confused Can't walk straight. Use an item or let it wear off naturally.
Curse Earn less experience. It'll go away once you descend a staircase.
Excited Increases my attack until I get to the next floor.
Fear SP gradually falls. Cure it by recovering SP.
Float I'll avoid traps, but I can't pick up items. Use an item or let it wear off.
Forgetful I'll drop items as I walk. It'll stop after a while or once I get hit.
Paralysis Can't do anything for a while, but it'll wear off.
Poison HP stops recovering automatically. Use an item or wait for it to heal.
Shoulder Ache It hurts too much to throw or lift anything. It'll go away eventually.
Sleep Just like Paralysis but it also goes away if you get hit.
Sweaty I won't be able to equip anything until it wears off.

References[edit | edit source]

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