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Kamiari Village overhead view:
Izuna 1 - Kamiari Village overhead view.png

Kamiari Village (Japanese: カミアリ村) is the main hub location where Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja takes place. The village is protected by the gods until Izuna and company shows up and Izuna disturbs the peace and must set things right. Upon arrival, only the shop and Inn are available. However, with each dungeon that Izuna clears, more town locations will open up and provide their services.

Kamiari Village Locations[edit | edit source]

Entrance Town Locations Ran by: Unlocked:
English Japanese English Japanese
Izuna 1 Location - Blacksmith.png Blacksmith Shop 鍛治屋 Katsutake カツタケ
Izuna 1 Location - Equipment Shop.png Equipment Shop 武具屋 Nagasada ナガサダ
Izuna 1 Location - General Store.png General Store 万屋 Azuki アズキ From the start.
Izuna 1 Location - Inn.png Inn 宿屋 Ume ウメ From the start.
Izuna 1 Location - Storehouse.png Storehouse 預かり屋 Tsubaki ツバキ
Izuna 1 Location - Talisman Shop.png Talisman Shop 霊符書道場 Ippitsu イッピツ

List of Dungeons[edit | edit source]

These are all of the available dungeons in the game.

Entrance Dungeons Floor count:
English Japanese
Izuna 1 dungeon entrance - Snake Hole.png Snake Hole 蛇の抜け穴 6
Izuna 1 dungeon entrance - Wind Corridor.png Wind Corridor 風の回廊 6
Izuna 1 dungeon entrance - Shakugan Cavern.png Shakugan Cavern 灼岩窟 11
Izuna 1 dungeon entrance - Tokofugu Cave.png Tokofugu Cave 常冬の洞窟 11
Izuna 1 dungeon entrance - Zekuu Path.png Zekuu Path 是空道 16
Izuna 1 dungeon entrance - Maze of Gods.png Maze of Gods 神の迷牢 21
Izuna 1 dungeon entrance - Singularity.png Singularity 力の歪 41
Izuna 1 dungeon entrance - Path of Trials.png Path of Trials 試練の道 100

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After clearing the story in Izuna 1, the sign in the entrance village changes its text from Welcome to Kamiari Village! to Welcome to Kamiari Village, protected by the gods!

References[edit | edit source]


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